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We will photograph your wedding as a duo.

Think you don't look photogenic or that posing isn't your strong suit? Does the thought of being photographed make you dread and worry about getting nervous? Let us change those thoughts! We'll show you how photography can be fun and relaxed ;-)

We have been working across the Czech Republic and abroad for more than 15 years. We would like to invite you for a meeting - either in person or online. We'll discuss your ideas, answer any questions, and plan the photography together to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly while also considering your guests.

And the best part? In addition to myself, you will also be accompanied at the wedding by my wonderful assistant, wife, and photographer in one person, Alča Tvarohová. Two pairs of eyes better watch over everything necessary. Who else should capture the magic of your wedding day than a happy married couple?

With love for you - Jirka a Alča Tvaroh.


No matter the scope of photography you decide on, two photographers - Jirka and Alča ;-)

The price for wedding photography most often ranges from 10 to 25 thousand CZK. Send me your wedding date and I will promptly send you a detailed price list.

I want a detailed price list

Looking forward to working together ;-)

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